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National Enquirer Exclusive: Hillary Runs Mafia Organization

Saturday, October 22, 2016

SEXY MILF Jessica Drake Adult Actress: Whining about her Consensual Sins

Adult Actress

#jessicadrake Sex slave?  Exploited?  Yes Exploited by the DNC the Establishment and the Clintons!

Newsmax poll results! I participated. Follow the link to take the survey also..

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Developing...James Okeefe In Danger

An establishment in panic

An establishment in panic

Philippine movement towards China axis! Major shift. Duterte. Sovereignty.

This was a hot trending topic in quora (site now DOWN)  but when it goes up, I will mirror-post here....
I had to Chime in on such a fascinating topic..
The US is known to help the Philippines and stations their army in the Philippines; the Philippines’ economy is dependent on the US. China claims the Philippines’ Spratly Island. So why has Duterte chosen to embrace and have a closer relationship with China?

Mysterey VideoGuru
Mysterey VideoGurutraveled to Philippines. Memorably saw Lake Taal.

As somebody who is both Chinese and Filipino by blood, yet American by nationality, I have a uniquely pertinent interest in this issue. The move is obviously not favorable to certain parties, yet it is very favorable to others. This is a major shift away from neo-colonialism and a blowback long in breaking. It is a defeat of the neo-con agenda. What can they do to recover from this embarrassment and breach of their pact with Philippines?
The benefit is to the people of that nation. It is sovereignty and national integrity that is being boosted. It is time for healing they feel. There will also be those who do not agree. They are American benefactors, but not in the majority anymore.
It all makes logical sense, when ones considers the bigger picture of global politics. The NWO is being challenged by the BRICS. China and Russia are the main players who are moving against the American-based hegemony. They merely want to manage their sphere. After all, it is the international waters which surround their own waters and coastline. China and Philippines share this region and have much more in common because of this plain fact.
But why can’t everybody just get along? Philippines is going to lose some American money on this shift. Yet they start by gaining on the Chinese money. Look at the restrictions lifted against the fruit merchants, which can now sell goods from Philippines in China. The broader argument is that US money is Chinese money anyhow, because of the debt position; USA owes China a lot, not the other way around.
It probably has something to do with the Pacific trade agreement (The Trans-PacificPartnership - TPP). Conflict and wars are based upon economic schemes. The Philippines under Duterte is making key decisions that will develop its economy.
If I can make any predictions, I would say that China is strengthening and will use that wisely. But it will keep playing fair within the NWO. Russia right now is off-balance with all the NATO conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East. So the comparison is more favorable for China. If the Philippines also increases ties with Russia, this will be evident that it sides with BRIC sphere of influence.
Diplomatically, the USA has to make a sweet deal for the Philippines to be able to stay friendly with both sides of the global system. I don’t know how they will go about this. But I hope they do. FDR is probably one of the best role models for this crucial challenge. A careful study of his politics on the international stage would behoove us. And as a personal note, when President Roosevelt fell fatally ill in Warm Springs, Georgia, he was carried by a Filipino staffer of the retreat facility. His name was Irineo “Filipino Joe” Esperancilla. Somebody with insight could make sense of this seeming coincidence.
The healing process for the Philippines nation does not begin with the World War 2 events however. It has to be traced all the way back to what happened when it gained its “independence” from Spain. That is through another Roosevelt, Theodore, the older cousin of FDR. What occurred during that conflict had sewn the seeds of the harvest that is taking place today. It is resentment which will have to be transformed into something better.
For all of Duterte’s insults (and sometimes consequent apologies), he is representing the people who are also looking for apologies from the USA. I don’t think it has to necessarily be in reparations, through the UN or whatever international legal means. It has to come through a clean slate. Starting fresh would be the best way to handle it. This transition into friendship with the Chinese is part of that process.
I could put in a few words about another factor in all this, which is the Catholic Church and its influence in this traditionally Catholic nation. Yet that would be too wide of a scope at the moment.

We seem to be in the middle of a cyber attack! Is it a FALSE FLAG cyber attack though?!

False flag attack... cause for going into conflict. Escalation? Hopefully not!

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On Quora I had to downvote an article. It was so much of the MSM lies...

The article I refer to - (please feel free to also downvote it)

Obviously it is. Your article is more of the same fodder. For all your words, it is still patently a whitewash of the collective frenzy. Let’s be honest, it’s a liberal controlled industry. There is no such thing as objective journalism. They always take a side, the bias is based upon where the money is coming from. Duh! follow the money, backwards. For a long time, the orchestrated plan was put into motion. The Clinton machine bought the reins of media power. After Hillary’s bitter defeat in 2007–2008 to the “selected”, out-of-nowhere Obama. Then a promise and a pact was made. Clinton would just have to wait until the next 8 years ran its cycle. Now the chickens come home to roost, because all the evidence is now available. The Clintons schmoozed and made all the arrangements for their scheduled victory. She said it herself, “I was preparing for the Presidency” (not for the debate and campaigning). Such entitlement and narcissism smacks of royalty. Do we really need another one from the Clinton regime, as we did from the Bush clan?
For Lee Thé to repeat the cliche that “Trump is unfit”, reeks of inherent elitism. Your career has indoctrinated that into your psyche. The only reason you can say he is unfit, is because of lack of elected-office experience. You would have to admit that the only way you believe anybody can become “fit” is when they are “fitted” into an office. Then it becomes higher status in your estimation. It is a flawed attitude, in that it suppresses the outsider. Everybody new, at the outset, could not be deemed “fit”. Clinton in her “oh so lofty” wisdom explained that no one should be President who gets upset by a tweet. Wow, Hillary, you really read into those simplistic tweets!
Whether you want to dwell on the notion of “being fit” or of “temperament” or any other aspect of campaigning, it all boils down to the slanted rationalizations of the dishonest MSM. You are all blind to how you are, but you have been placed in check. Fortunately, nobody in their right mind takes the MSM seriously anymore. The “alternative” is alive and well all across the interwebs, in the whole world (according to Obama, the slickest media master, “It’s the Wild West”). Alright, Mr. President, we interpret that as your fear of the truth having come out. It may be described as “Wild”, but at least it involves some real open-minded thinking.
Let’s not get into my equal disdain for both of the major candidates. That is not the subject herein. I am not even voting, because it is rigged from the top to bottom. Overall, Clinton is only slightly worse than Trump, the classic “lesser of two evils”. It’s overkill that the MSM has to keep desperately propping up this “Righteous Queen of Disinformation”. Since they are ushering her into power at any cost, then we are going to find out just how much America will fall from grace in the eyes of the world.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Philippines' Duterte dares CIA to 'oust' him

Philippines' Duterte dares CIA to 'oust' him: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday dared the United States' CIA spy agency to try and oust him, as he branded Western critics of his deadly crime war