Only Three Groups of Humans

There are only three groups of humans in the whole world, at the present time (or any time in history, as far as we know)  These three (3) groups are sub-groups or categories.  What are the three?

The three are determined according to power and control.  Who runs the world? Who rules it?  The first group is known as the CONTROLLERS.  The second is the CONTROLLED.  The third is the NEUTRAL.

How is this known?  How was this discovered? First of all, test it on yourself.  You will realize you are in one group or the other.  You may not like this, so you will want to try to transfer to another group.  But this will be difficult.

Which group are you in?  Most likely, the most populous group, almost EVERYBODY is in there.  it is the CONTROLLED.

Used to be, long ago in history, before superpowers, before machines, before the computer and internet, most people were in the group of the NEUTRAL.  Those days are almost over. How did it transition?  How did everybody get put into the CONTROLLED from originally being in the NEUTRAL?  Well it is the doing of the CONTROLLERS.

Is there much that can be done about it?  Not really.  That is not the point of this blog. We are just here to tell you the facts. Helping you to face the reality.  If you were to try to change anything on your own, then they would have to permanently "incapacitate" you. 

The best you could hope for if you do not like being one of the CONTROLLED, is to find out how to transfer into the NEUTRAL.  But that is not going to be easy.  You will need special training and guidance.  cf. Kyyboa for this notion.