Thursday, January 29, 2015

Two Worlds in Conflict Old and New, where does kyyboa Stand for the Future

Monday, January 26, 2015

Something somebody wrote to me, he always has a lot of energetic ideas

I offer this here for us to think on his train of thought. This truth seeker has been discussing knowledge with me for over a year. scorponoc333 has sent you a message To:Everybody Every1 I like analogy to help solidify my comprehension of information and I felt I would share this with u. The man in the hat... Magneto was to Xmen as Hades was to Clash of the Titans as Everybodyevery1 is to Youtube. as Samyaza was to the Book of Enoch. (I think got it... My apologies, I was eager to identify but still much to learn) A war of two polarities... One side more aggressive (Mars) One side more passive (Mercury) The Valley People The Mountain People. I have a feeling though its all the same thing, all under a single umbrella. Cowboy hats remind me of certain planets or dark stars. I wonder... "Am I in Saturn's storm?" Is it possible the Earth is inside of Saturn? It could certainly fit. Projection of reality and boundary walls as well... Very possible. Fake moon, the not so infinite space seems to hit a wall. What did I do to get caught up in a sadistic game? I must have been bad. I must be in prison... Spiritual prison. I screwed up or down or whatever direction of screwed got me here. You were right about the climactic point on the horizon, I definitely sense something and I also notice a lot of spirits (hopefully my terminology isn't wrong) are waking up. I see more and more Facebooker's that are not from my dimension and Youtube seems to be rapidly expanding as well. The month of May had many new faces. Mirrored purple people (not always) with great amounts of wisdom but lots of spin too. Seems like lots of "Rumors of war" these days which I will have no part in. Live by the sword... Die by the sword... I think I will just not own anything sword or weapon like and my fists will remain down. The physical war was certainly not intended for me to win but the spiritual war is definitely in reach and that is an aspect you had helped me with to even recognize. I could sense for years "something" was not quite right and it really depressed me. Its frustrating when an individual experiences emotions that really damage and not having a reason as to why but now aspects of the waters are not so cloudy and this ship is determined. With the two polarities of two energy currents... I can see a difference in presentation or content I guess? One current seems to teach of the old ways... An old testament or even indigenous type of content. The opposing current perhaps a more new age, new testament, current geopolitical, disaster type of content. 2 Twins (6/9) 2 Gods of War Back to one source... Very tricky. Being a programmer I can respect the logic behind this mystery as it is the MOST effective to keep us here... My body... Ship... Is a vessel and I have no desire to share it. I do not appreciate being "cattle" used for invocation (Popol Vuh). I like being in the drivers seat as opposed to a passenger. I suspect those who are riding shotgun may eventually be "thrown off the ship" eventually and into the waters... Abyss. I have a feeling many have made that decision and many more will. "Enlightenment"... Definitely not in any hurry to open that third eye. Some doors just shouldn't be opened. It sounded really "cool" at one point and "cool" would definitely be the result all pun intended. I consider myself a stubborn cow and I am not desiring to be taken to the slaughter/harvested. My desire is to do much better than that. This time will be different... I hope this provided you some amusement. I thought I might check in on you and see how your book is coming and how you are doing lately? I assume this isn't the first book you have written. With all this being said I am curious what content you could recommend... I always enjoy your suggestions. Hopefully the waters are not too choppy. I have asked many times with a very heart filled request on many occasions that this would all work out well for all of us. I really have no idea if that is possible and whether this needs to keep looping the same story forever but I would honestly like to see everyone happy regardless of the choices they made and I ask we are all given what we "need"... What more could one do? Forgive my grammatical and or spelling mistakes... I seldom proof read and my mistakes are NOT as cleverly coded by any means, simply mistakes by an imperfect being :) I was invited to participate in "God Talk" in Google hangouts and I quickly realized the purpose. We could argue belief systems all day. That was most likely the point since we are on opposite sides of the fence as per usual. Apparently I have no very few "real" friends anymore... My friends or acquaintances appear to be of "digital" nature. I guess we are all made of light but its little bit different over there and I can see that. I wonder what my global leaders think or discuss in private since they obviously know that there is a lot of digital interfacing going on with our world these days... Do they actually believe that they can manipulate and screw us all, place their consciousness into a computer and escape? In one word their outcome in my perspective... FAIL! When you run the same experiment over and over and expect different results with the same setup... Enough said there. That's just ridiculous. They can "Rainbow Bridge" their way right to destruction... At least the spiritual teachers on Youtube are giving back to the community a bit. They may have an agenda but AT LEAST they are a bunch of selfish losers... literally. As a matter of fact I just went to an awards dinner IABC is the company. I sat there quite annoyed to hear them speak above everyone's head arrange the room with polarity... I am pretty sure I could see a couple had invoked as there eyes were "in the zone". It really annoys me to be isolated in awareness of what is going on around me. Some days I feel like I am in solitary confinement mentally because I do not relate to most of the populace these days. Would I ever want to go back to being ignorant? I have reflected many times on that thought... As annoyed as I am at my surroundings and how this knowledge has really distanced me from most of man kind... I cannot say that I was exceptionally happy to begin with. I won't pretend my life was horrible by any means as there are SO MANY individuals in a worse position than I and I MUST respect that, however, I was certainly depressed. Wow... This message supposedly ended paragraphs ago and than this rambling commenced. My apologies, I know you are busy... Big shoes to fill. If you can find the time I share some content on my Google+ page. It was originally intended for the "God Talk" group I guess in some effort to have them acknowledge that I can see clearly to some degree and HOPING that we could speak more direct than games... I guess it can't be that way? I was hoping that by demonstrating I am not "OUT TO LUNCH" literally that I could gather more direct communication and less spin lol. That thought was a fail but one can try :)

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

What forces control the world? What are the primary POWERS?

When we talk about the world and life as we know it, there are forces which are controlling things, controlling our actions. These are also known as powers, or the proverbial powers-that-be. What are they and how do they do what they do? Is this system really necessary?