Friday, March 24, 2023

Find out about Woke and Cancel Culture

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Where is this fear really coming from? It is very much a pity! It is an entirely systemic and pervasive fear. This has taken over Society. Not only that, there is an enormous war brewing. The prelude-battles are already occurring and it is coming to a battlefield near you. This global war has instilled fear in the population already. And part of it, biologically, those little needles they allow into their skin is the symbol of the incoming missiles of war – needles and missiles. The Woke would rather be friends with a fear-based system than to be friends with a living human being, acting in a human loving way. There is violent separation happening, there is a divisive mentality. This disconnect is driving the de-population agenda. It is active right now. The world is in turmoil and it is getting more difficult to live, survival is hard. Which is why it is so strange that people insist even more to be divided and refuse to open up to friendly gestures. Yet this is what the woke mob must do, it is a hypnotic spell they are under – yes it is truly a questionable form of magic. Like foolish sheep to a slaughter…

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